Back from the Grands in Cumming, GA. Had a great time - some tough luck, but good experience.

Made it to the B-Main in Senior Animal, but something felt funny, pulled into the pits and my front right tire flew off - yikes! Glad I was in the pits at the time, but stripped the bolts, so we couldn't get it fixed in time. I was fast and could have made the A-Main.

Senior Honda was a little tougher. Started in the E-Main and made it the D-Main, but didn't transfer from there - driver and car were both at fault. Top 5 transferred to the next main.

Just a handful of points races left at Elko. Been racing at Cedar Lake Indoor Arena here and there as well.

I got two 1-year old Sherman race cars! Took a couple races to get used to them, but I'm liking them now! The picture above is of me and my new cars!

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