2014 Eastern Grands, London, OH

2014 Eastern Grands, London, OH

WOW!!! What a week at the 2014 Eastern Grands. This was my 3rd Grands experience and by far the best showing I've had.

Practiced the cars on Wednesday, 7/23 and they all looked pretty good. Dad made some adjustments.

Qualifying day was on Thursday, 7/24. Qualified 3rd fast time in Sr. Animal which put my right into the A-main on Saturday. I was 8th fast time in Light 160 which put me running the B-main on Friday. Finished with 11th fast time in my light world which put me in the C-main on Friday.

Friday were the lower mains and you need to finish in the top 5 to transfer to the next main. I started 3rd (due to the invert) in my 160 and finished 4th so yay - I transferred to the A-main on Saturday. I started 5th (again, the invert) in the C-main in Light World and ended with a 2nd place which moved me to the B-main. Started 7th in the B-main and finished 4th. Wooo Hoooo this means I get to run all three cars in the A-mains on Saturday!

Saturday I was the 2nd race of the morning in the Sr. Animal. Started 3rd (out of 10 cars) and finished 3rd. So very happy! Dad and mom were pretty happy too! In my Light 160 I started 9th (again 10 car field) and finished 9th. Got tangled up in a wreck and had to come in and get tie-rods replaced. Made it back out, but had to come in again for repairs and just didn't quite make it out in time. Oh well, still got to run the A-main and I was fast! Light world I started 9th and finished 7th - again, got tangled up in a wreck and had to come in for repairs. Made it back out but car just wasn't right - again, car was fast but just happy to be running in the A-main!

Thank you to my sponsors, family, friends and my Region 7 friends for all the help!

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