Exciting Start to the 2015 Season

Exciting Start to the 2015 Season

Well, let me just start off by saying I'm having so much fun! It has been an exciting year so far.

Dad got me a new Sherman car for my 160 class. Over Memorial Weekend we were down in Topeka, KS for the Monza race. Went out to practice that new car and crashed it right into the wall - hard - when the steering wheel came off and I couldn't turn. Got to take my first ambulance ride ever. There was some concern of some possible broken bones, but all the x-rays turned out good - which is what I was hoping to hear. I told the nurses when we got to the ER that I was racing tomorrow (Saturday) NO MATTER WHAT! They got a good chuckle out of that.

I did pretty good down in Topeka on Saturday - got a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place finish and then I won 2 out of 3 Winner-Take-All races on Sunday. Super fun!

The weekend following Memorial weekend we had to run make-up heats and features from the weekend before Memorial weekend PLUS our regular double feature schedule for that day. I ran 12 races that day (5/31) and I won all of them. It was a tiring but fantastic day!!!

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