San Antonio

San Antonio

Made it down to San Antonio for the first races of the 2017 season! So excited to be back in the cars! Will update results as we go...

On Saturday, the 25th I started 4th in the World Formula heat and finished 3rd. Started 4th in the Light 160 heat and took the checkered flag for the win! Time to get ready for the features...

So for the features... Started 3rd in the World Formula - got a few laps in before the front pan hard bar bolt stripped ending the day in that car.

Light 160 started first and led most of the race (about 26 laps). Got passed on a restart so ran 2nd the remaining laps until the last lap and it was a 3 way battle. I ended up 3rd!

Not a bad first race day of the season. Could have been better, but it could have been a lot worse too.

A good night's rest and I'll be ready for tomorrow!

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